Ultimate Freedom Double Bean Bag Fox

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Stealth Gear Ultimate Freedom Double Bean Bag Fox
The Stealth Gear Ultimate Freedom Double Bean Bag is ideal for a telephoto SLR camera, but can also be used for a wide range of other cameras and lenses. The bag has extra long “legs” which gives it extra stability for your equipment when placed on a tree or car window. The Ultimate Freedom is designed so that it can be used as a double-row bag or as a flat riding bag. To be able to move the bag easily, it has two handles.

Durable and rugged design
To protect your precious camera and lens, there are robust rubber YKK zippers mounted that cannot scratch your equipment. The Stealth Gear row bag is designed to last: the bag is reinforced to reduce wear and double-stitched. You can fill the rice bag with, for example, rime, birdseed or corn. If you prefer a lighter bag, you can also fill it with polystyrene or plastic granules. To prevent the bag from slipping away it is provided with an anti-slip back.

The Stealth Gear Bean Bag is delivered without stuffing!

-Use as a double or flat row bag
-Ideal for use on car doors, branches and rocks
-Equipped with two handles and rubber YKK zippers
-Vulcanous dimension of approximately 35 x 21 x 18 centimeters
-Anti-slip back against unwanted slipping
-The outer edge made of polyester suede

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