Extreme Flat Bean Bag Forest Green

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Stealth Gear Extreme Flat Bean Bag Forest Green
The Stealth Gear Extreme Flat Bean Bag has a compact and flat design so you can easily take it with you. The riding bag can be used in many different situations, such as in the car, on a rock and as a focal point when you want to photograph low at the ground. The Extreme Flat Bean Bag is ideal for a SLR camera with telephoto lens attached but can of course also be used perfectly with other lenses. The riding bag is even to be used as a video camera support.

Durable and rugged design
To protect your camera and lens, the bag is equipped with rubber zippers to prevent scratches. The bag is designed to last a long time, is reinforced to reduce wear and is double stitched. When you completely fill the Stealth-Gear double-row bag with, for example, rice, birdseed or corn, it weighs approximately 2.5 to 4 kilograms. If you want a lighter bag, you can also fill it with polystyrene or plastic granules.

The Stealth Gear Extreme Flat Bean Bag Forest Green is delivered without stuffing!

-Flat Design
-100 percent waterproof and breathable
-Ideal for car doors, rocks etc.
-Outer side made of polyester suede
-Rubber zippers to protect your equipment
-Reinforced to reduce wear and double stitched
-Dimensions approx. 30 x 30 x 4-5 centimeters
-Weight approx. 2.5-4 kilograms depending on the filling

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